Late Stage Capitalism Lockdown: Who to detest most? AntiVaxxers or consumers queuing outside Sylvia Park Mall?

So from what I can glean from yesterdays protest:

-Jacinda is Hitler
-3 waters is racist
-vaccines are Nazis
-Labour are Nazis
-Crystals can cure cancer
-Trump 2024
-something something ‘Nazi’

It’s a hot mess from people who only source news on Facebook!

They wouldn’t know what to do with ‘freedom’ if they got it.

So what to say about the vaccinated who chose to queue outside Sylvia Park Mall 48 hours before they reopen?

What’s the point of freedom if it means being addicted to consumerism?

Those protesting in Wellington want a freedom they could never understand while those queuing outside a Mall squander that freedom for a sneaker.

I detest both of them.

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