Late Stage Capitalism Lockdown: 101 days of Delta – The biggest loser & my biggest fear

101 days of de facto house arrest and we have collectively lost our shit.

Domestic violence is at unspeakable levels.

Food Banks are seeing a 600% spike in demand.

Poverty and overcrowding are becoming weaponised by Covid.

Our mental health is shot to hell.

After 101 days if Delta lockdown – are very angry, very frightened and very horny.

We are going to be a handful this Christmas.

The biggest loser in all of this are the Double Vaxxed Aucklanders who did all they were asked and yet still have to remain with the State up in our grills demanding mass surveillance wherever we go while still having our civil liberties curtailed.

Every time double vaxxed Aucklanders have questioned why they can’t get their freedom back the Woke have screamed ‘RACIST ABLEIST PRIVILEGE’ and accused them of enabling a ‘modern genocide’ against Maori.

My biggest fear in all of this however is that all Aucklanders were really asked was to stay at home and we could barely do that!

What if the next sacrifice actually requires us to do something more than Netflix and chill?

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