Labour have utterly failed us all on Medicinal Cannabis

This is a joke…

Cannabis: Auckland grandma becomes first to legally use dried cannabis flower to relief her pain

Sourced from Australia, the flower has less than 10 per cent THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) – which is the main psychoactive compound in cannabis – and was high in CBD (cannabidiol) which helped treat pain and lower anxiety.

And it won’t be cheap, $220-$250 for ten grams around double what you’d pay on the black market. But he says “at least you know what’s in it”.


…the reality is this…

Most medicinal cannabis users buy on the black market – report

Only 6 per cent of people who use cannabis medicinally are getting it legally, according to a Drug Foundation report.

This leaves about 250, 000 people who source medicinal cannabis on the black market.

…right after the referendum which showed almost a majority demanding cannabis law reform, Little killed off any cannabis reform and landed us instead with bullshit medicinal cannabis rules that only serve a billionaire while crushing the local medicinal cannabis industry.

Patients seeking medicinal cannabis now ARE WORSE OFF after Labour than before it!

Minister Little has the audacity to blame the industry which either suggests Andrew is either lying or grossly misinformed!

I am free anytime to explain to the Minister why he is wrong.

Labour have inadvertently set the medicinal cannabis industry up the way they have set the super market duopoly up. Labour have allowed the big pharma segment of the NZ market to write rules that exclude the smaller players which has led directly to the impasse we have now.

A framework that only the big pharma segment can pass through while fucking over medicinal cannabis patients as well as the wider industry.

Labour deserve nothing but contempt for their medicinal cannabis failure and if the Greens had any strategic brain they would make a legal market part of their agreement to form a government in 2023.

After 4 years in power and what did labour get us?
$50 joints. Yay.

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