Labour can not dodge an independent inquiry into how Mallard incited Parliament Lawn protest

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern backs Labour MPs who blocked Parliament protest hearing, saying police watchdog should review

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern says the Independent Police Conduct Authority (IPCA) should lead any investigation into an occupation and riot at Parliament, backing her Labour MPs who blocked a parliamentary hearing on the event.

Ardern on Monday said Government would only consider a possible review of the protest at Parliament after the IPCA announced its own review of the 23-day occupation, which ended earlier this month with police pushing rioting anti-vaccine and anti-mandate protesters out of their camp.

“For something as serious as this we want … an institution that has the direct legal authority to enquire directly into the police’s operational response. No-one has the basis to do that and in quite the same pre-established way as the IPCA does.

“The IPCA is independent, and I think it’s important that we have an independent voice in this, particularly because, of course, some of the complaints will be coming from those who were part of it.”

There is no way Labour or Jacinda want a real review of the madness of the Dumb Lives Matter Parliament Lawn protest.

They do not want any focus on their decision to refuse point blank to meet the protestors. While the Government could NEVER have negotiated with the feral lunatics occupying Parliament’s Lawns, (because you can’t negotiate with people making threats of violence), they SHOULD HAVE sent a representative to hear their concerns because they are politicians and they have an obligation to hear from citizens who have been negatively impacted by health mandates!

Labour want no reflection of that.

Likewise Labour want no investigation of Trevor Mallard’s temper tantrum on the Thursday morning after the protest was imploding upon itself and was splintering. It was Trevor’s short man temper tantrum that saw the Police attempt to move everyone off the lawn which gave the protestors a common enemy and provided a 10 hour live stream recruitment video.

Labour want no reflection of that.

Equally Labour want no examination of how Mallard’s playing of loud music and spraying the protestors with water incited events. We taunted these protestors for 3 weeks and when they reacted we pointed to their actions and screamed ‘hate crime’.

Labour want no reflection of that.

Also, Labour hierarchy appreciate that their Wellington Middle Class Marxist supporters on social media screaming NAZI at poor brown protestors has damaged them badly and they don’t want their social media proxies reminding voters of their weird woke cult.

Labour want no reflection of that.

Look, we made broad stroke Social policy on the hoof in the face of a pandemic. OF COURSE there were going to be people caught up in that broad stroke policy who (through no fault of their own) couldn’t take the vaccination and lost their jobs. That doesn’t mean the mandates were wrong, I fully supported them, but people got hurt and the total refusal to give those protestors that acknowledgment so the tribal left could scream NAZI has ensured that the lumpenproletariat NEVER vote for the Left ever again.

The colossal fuck up by Labour in its handling of this abomination is not something they wish to be held accountable for so rather than a political inquiry, Labour have shoved this off to the IPCA who have no jurisdiction over the political blunders Labour made that incited this to the violence it became.

The Middle Class Marxists are damaging Labour’s ‘kindness’ brand by highlighting their privilege hypocrisy, it’s essential that Labour cauterise this investigation to stop their woke supporters screaming NAZI because every time Neale Jones, Clint Smith, Morgan Godfery and the rest of the woke Wellington twitteratti scream NAZI on Twitter, Labour lose 5 voters.


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