Kelvin Davis praises Oranga Tamariki while decrying latest murder

Fresh from praising the neoliberal welfare experiment Oranga Tamariki because Māori social services have picked up the contracts…

Oranga Tamariki change on track says Davis

The Minister for Children says he’s happy with progress at Oranga Tamariki.

The child protection agency has come under fire continuing to uplift pepe and tamariki, and for failing to spend all the money it was allocated for services for the victims of sexual violence.

Kelvin Davis says acting chief executive Chappie Te Kani has assured him that money will be spent by the end of the financial year.

And he says compared with five years ago when more than 1000 Māori children were uplifted, last year the total was 250, and iwi are increasingly helping when such uplifts are necessary.

…Kelvin is back to being critical in the wake of a murdered 5 year old…

Children’s Minister Kelvin Davis wants answers from Oranga Tamariki over murdered 5-year-old

Children’s Minister Kelvin Davis says he will “get to the bottom” of what could have prevented the murder of 5-year-old boy Malachi Subecz.

Subecz died in November 2021, following prolonged and horrific abuse at the hands of a woman appointed as his caregiver.

Michaela Barriball, 27, pleaded guilty to four charges related to his death at the High Court in Tauranga on Wednesday. The summary of facts state she had interim custody of Malachi, from June 2021, after his biological mother was imprisoned.

Davis, who is the minister responsible for Oranga Tamariki, said he wanted to know what involvement his ministry had in the boy’s life.

..questions that need to be asked of OT.

How did OT arrive at Michaela Barriball as the interim custodian?

A custodian who had proceeded to carry out prolonged and horrific abuse of the little boy and is now accused of murdering him.

How did OT arrive at this decision to place a vulnerable child in the care of an abusive murderer?


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