Judith teaming up with NZ First would be the least expected thing

I don’t think reactionary right wing politics is fading, it’s simply trying to find new political expression.

Out on the fringes the mutterings are disconnected from reality.

The economic pressure and stress fractures are rupturing in real time and many NZers are simply bunkering down in survival mode.

Double digit inflation is on its way, the global economy is splintering. Geopolitical fault lines are raw and exposed.

Imagine Judith Collins giving an Orewa Speech where she denounces Luxon for compromising National on race relations and announces she will stand for NZ First.

Imagine a by-election and she becomes the NZ First MP with Winston as leader and they barn storm the 2023 election for a provincial working class electorate who are full of rage and economic hurt.

Imagine a NZ First with Winston as leader and Judith as Deputy.

A conservative isolationist NZ political movement in a world of constant external global shocks.

That would be a Kingmaker, not a Queenmaker.

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