Judith Collins cancels & shanks Simon Bridges – what just happened and why?

Simon Bridges demoted by National Party leader Judith Collins following serious misconduct allegation involving historic interaction with MP Jacqui Dean

Former National Party leader Simon Bridges has been demoted and “relieved of his portfolio responsibilities” following an allegation of serious misconduct relating to an interaction with a female caucus colleague.

National leader Judith Collins announced Bridges’ demotion in a release just after 9pm on Wednesday.

The MP who laid the complaint against Simon Bridges is understood to be Jacqui Dean. It is understood to relate to crude comments Bridges made at a function about five years ago.

Bridges is understood to have been talking with a group of about three fellow MPs, including Jami-Lee Ross and Todd McClay, when Dean walked past and the Tauranga MP called to her and made the comment.

Dredging up comments from half a decade ago to shank the main contender to your leadership is a move so audacious only Collins would attempt it.

She loves power the way Great White Sharks love blood!

Some of the woke will scream this is evidence of the heteronormative cis male patriarchy bully culture etc etc etc plus half a dozen phone numbers to call if you are feeling triggered, but beyond the Wellington Twitteratti and people who donate to the Spinoff, everyone else will see a political leader attempting a spiteful character assassination of her main challenger.

I’ve known Simon for 2 decades and while he pops out the odd Dad joke, there simply isn’t a sleazy energy to him.

To smear him for a comment made 5 years ago is a vile and calculated means to destroy his challenge to her rule.

Judith tricked Nick Smith into resigning so her mate could come in off the list and cement into place a naked 51% support and we all remember the casual violence of Judith blowing Ian Lees-Galloway’s brains all over the AM Show studio for his affair so as to throw off any criticism of her handling of Falloon’s dick pics.

That she would stab Simon Bridges repeatedly in the face to make him ugly to the electorate for some dumb comment made half a decade ago is a reminder that Judith will use power any way she wants.

I think the appetite to actively forgive these types of behavior when they get dredged up is far more powerful than woke Puritan outrage.

I think Judith has overplayed her hand and that the Caucus will now see the sociopathic gleam in her eye and realize she could never be trusted with the actual Prime Ministership.

Simon just got one step closer to being the new leader of the National Party.

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