John Tamihere appointment a political shockwave 

John Tamihere replaces Che Wilson as Māori Party president

Former Māori Party co-leader John Tamihere has replaced Che Wilson as the party’s president.

Tamihere has a career in social services, after working in broadcasting and as a MP and minister of the Labour Party.

John’s appointment as the new President of the Māori Party is the most important political shockwave to happen so far this year.

This is the strongest indication yet that the Māori Party intend to be a serious player in the next Government if Labour + Greens need their numbers to make the 51%

The problem with the Māori Party has been the flakiness of the two MPs who have driven an agenda that is destabilising to any potential Government.

Tamihere is one of the best deal makers in Māoridom, his steady hand on the tiller will ensure a negotiated deal with Labour is a genuine possibility.

This would make Willie Jackson even more important to Labour as any possible future deal would be negotiated between him and Tamihere.

This is the most evident sign that a Labour-Green-Māori Party coalition could not only negotiate a deal together, but that it could function as a Government.

For progressives, this is a the best news for sometime.

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