JDay at 30 – What are we going to do politically for cannabis in 2023 election?

I spoke on Saturday at the 30th Day in Albert Park.

I want to give a standing ovation to fellow blogger Chris Fowlie and the Hemp Store for their dedication to fighting cannabis prohibition and demanding the hypercritical State gets out of our lives.

Tobacco, booze and gambling kill far more people each year than Cannabis ever has in the entire history of its use in NZ when it was first brought here by Catholic Nuns and sold as medicine.

I spoke there 3 years ago so excited that the referendum would finally give us a legal market with all the jobs and all the taxation and all the benefits of a legal market.

What I didn’t factor in was the vast Right Wing Christian American money that flooded NZ ostensibly to fight our Abortion laws, but was syphoned off to fight the cannabis referendum as well.

Those Right Wing Christian American money channels become glaringly obvious during the rise of the Anti-Vaxx movement.

That money paid for small under the radar meetings across provincial and rural NZ so as to not attract the pro-cannabis lobby and spread a warped and fearful attack on the cause.

It ended up with the most oputragoues outcome.

48.4% of this country said ‘fuck this shit, give us a regulated market’

50.7% of this country said, ‘No, keep them criminals’.

And what did the gutless, cowardly Labour Party do?

They decided to be majoritarian on our arses.

Funny how when it comes to Māori it’s all co-governance, but when it comes to 48.4% of the country screaming for mass market reform, what does Labour do?

They tut tut, shake their head and say, ‘You lost, you all remain criminals’.

So it’s majoritarianism when Labour don’t want it, but it’s co-management when they do.

Labour offered a bullshit response which was the medicinal cannabis market, but just like the fucking Supermarket duopoly they have created a playing field that only the billionaire class can play in leaving a hollow market that sells ‘tea’ – that’s right ‘tea’ that you are supposed to drink which is controlled by billionaire pharmaceutical companies.


All those local growers who make incredible cannabis have been locked out of the pharmaceutical industry, an entire craft beer industry that could be lifted out from under the gangs and provide an entire subset of NZ to operate legally without the violence of gang stand overs and intimidation.

Labour have made things worse.

They spat in the face of the 48.4% who demanded massive change and they’ve played to billionaires who have structured a multi billion dollar a year industry for their own interests!

Soi fuck Labour when it’s come to a real cannabis market.

So the challenge as J Day hits 30 is what the hell are we going to do?

The Government have written off our demands for a legal market and they have actually made things worse for medicinal cannabis.

I have argued with the other Cannabis Generals that instead of the referendum path which Right Wing Christian American money can infect, we use MMP tactics and adopt American political tactics to force change.

Here’s the situation.

The Greens are haemorrhaging male voters like there is no tomorrow. Their bleak identity politics game where  all men are the problem is about as attractive as day old sick.

Chloe is disgusted at the bloody cops restarting their pointless and expensive cannabis helicopter raids…

Green MP Chlöe Swarbrick’s ‘huge disappointment’ after police confirm revival of aerial cannabis blitzes

Green MP Chlöe Swarbrick says it’s “hugely disappointing” that police have decided to return to “wasteful and ineffective” aerial cannabis blitzes.

…the Police are still fighting the war on drugs with cannabis users, m despite Meth being the real drug danger.

Note how the gangs aren’t killing each other for cannabis distribution? THAT’S BECAUSE THEY ARE KILLING FOR METH!

Quite simply, fuck this shit.

Here’s the plan, the 48.4% cannabis project.

There are 48.4% of us who called for a legal cannabis market. From now until the 2023 election, we urge all that 48.4% to contact the Greens and demand that they add as a bottom line to any Government deal post the 2023 election with Labour for a fully legal market that prioritises Māori and those with previous cannabis cultivation charges and small craft beer styled competition models to get licensed and able to sell at specially licensed retailers and cannabis clubs within 100 days of the next Government.

Brothers and sisters, here is the naked terrifying truth.

Geopolitical shockwave after geopolitical shockwave are about to hit us and the economy is in for terrible rouble. We desperately need to bring in. legal cannabis market because the economy is going into meltdown and we will desperately need the jobs and the taxation a legal cannabis market makes.

ACT have told National that a co-governance referendum is a bottom line for them to give National confidence and supply.

Why shouldn’t we force the Greens to adopt the same tactic with Labour over a legal cannabis market?

The Greens have alienated so much male vote they are bleeding out support, A huge influx of voters wanting real cannabis reform and a legal market 100 days after the next Government is sworn in is us as that 48.4% using MMP to our advantage.

Make the Greens adopt a fully legal cannabis market that prioritises Māori and those with previous cannabis cultivation charges and small craft beer styled competition models to get licensed and able to sell at specially licensed retailers and cannabis clubs

We can adopt American styled tactics to force change through.

We need the jobs and the economy is about to implode.

We can not wait for Labour to grow a conscience, and the Greens left to themselves will get lost in some crazy issue over pronouns. We start promoting the 48.4% cannabis project with petitions and pressure on every single Green MP (we will provide their contacts) to beg, plead and argue that a legal market should be a bottom line with Labour for any coalition Government.

ACT are doing it, why the hell aren’t we on the Left doing it?

We are the 48.4%, we will not be silent and we can pressure the Greens into taking this stance as long as we vote Green on Election Day.

It’s time to step up and use the levers of power rather than elect some levers of power and hope for the best.

We’ve been fighting the hypocrisy of cannabis prohibition for 30 years, I’m not waiting around for politicians to think our rights matter for another fucking 30 years.

There are 48.4% of us, let’s go take the power back.

More details on the 48.4% project after I sit down and talk it through with the other Cannabis Generals of the movement.

There are enough of us to force this through.

I’m sick of waiting.

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