Jacinda’s ‘Mother of Dragons’ week just got way worse with Oranga Tamariki Red Wedding

After going all ‘Mother of Dragons’ on protestors last week, Jacinda’s latest gasp inducing moment is her shocking Red Wedding moment killing off any true belief that the State was going to ever be held to account for molesting and abusing children in State Care.

It’s already unacceptable that her Minister is considering killing off Orange Tamariki oversight by axing the Children’s Commissioner and rolling those powers into ERO.

In all the decades the Education Review Office reviewed Dilworth, they didn’t notice teachers were sexually abusing their students so ERO is an organisation you hand oversight over to when you don’t want oversight.

Public Services Commission Boss Peter Hughes was the chief executive at MSD in the 2000s and oversaw obscene tactics that included hiring private detectives to dig dirt on victims who were complaining about being abused in state care in a Test case that if MSD had lost would have cost the State untold in damages. Peter Hughes is now recommending any abuse inside Oranga Tamariki is now monitored out of the Education Review Office who have no skill in this area. Why is the state allowing itself to cover up ongoing abuse?

Jacinda’s point blank refusal to commit to the Royal Inquiry recommendations to legally protect children from abuse in care that her own Government asked for is to protect the State Peter Hughes champions from ever being held to account for abusing children in state care.

This is about protecting the State from future compensation claims, it is NOT about the welfare of the children the State takes into its care, because if it was about the welfare of those children, the Government would immediately back the Royal Inquiries recommendations and make the State legally responsible for the abuse of those children in its care!

It is fucking outrageous that this Government of kindness will blind Orange Tamariki oversight WHILE allowing the State off the hook for being legally held to account if kids are abused in its care.

Is Jacinda’s acquiescence to State Services over Royal Inquiry into historic State abuse craven or cowardly?

This Government has shown an obscene deference to the Wellington Bureaucratic Elites and this is the crowning pinnacle of that spinelessness.

PM won’t commit to recommendation to legally protect children from abuse in care

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern won’t say whether her government will enact a royal commission recommendation that children in state care should be legally protected from abuse.

The Royal Commission of Inquiry into Abuse in Care released a report last year that made a number of recommendations, including that it be enshrined in legislation that children in care should be free from abuse. It also recommended that if this right were not upheld, the Government should be liable and could not delegate that liability to another party.

The prime minister’s office was approached for comment on the recommendations after Minister for Social Development Carmel Sepuloni hung up during an interview about oversight of Oranga Tamariki. Sepuloni is in charge of a bill looking to change the oversight structure of Oranga Tamariki.

Just before Christmas, the Oversight of Oranga Tamariki System and Children and Young People’s Commission Bill was slipped into the public domain with an invitation for submissions. Those who keep a close eye on Oranga Tamariki were caught on the hop and had to hastily put together a response, as the deadline closed at the end of January. The bill is at the select committee stage now.

Public Services Commission Boss Peter Hughes stabs the Royal Inquiry in to Historic State Abuse deep in the heart during Jacinda’s Red Wedding

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