Jacinda’s Globalist Free Market begging finds Biden immovable

PM Jacinda Ardern’s message to President Joe Biden before US trip: Get on board with free trade

Amid the great struggle for power in the Indo-Pacific, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has reaffirmed what New Zealand thinks the United States needs to be. Not a greater security partner in a region that’s experiencing “assertiveness and aggression”, but a better economic one.

It’s a message Ardern has issued to the Biden administration before. But, in a speech to the US Business Summit in Auckland on Monday, and weeks before she travels to the US, it was entirely unambiguious: Get on board with free trade because, China has.

And the US offer has so far fallen short of expectations.

Ardern, in the speech, committed New Zealand to the recently announced and sparsely detailed US “Indo-Pacific Economic Framework” – which amounts to something of a US-led free trade deal, just without the free trade, for a region that already has such a deal.

That gagging sound you hear is Jacinda reading the neoliberal Mfat wishlist she was forced to regurgitate at the end of APEC last yearand in her message to Joe Biden this week!

The irony of having to lecture America on its Milton Friedman Cult of free markets would be hilarious if it didn’t enslave us to a Washington Consensus none of us consented to!

The Democrats have realised how far their free market dogma has collided with the aspirations of a working class who keep going backwards.

Trump understood that dynamic and that’s why the TPPA was dumped.

With the Democrats about to be destroyed in the mid terms because of the lack of economic traction vs culture war ammunition they keep handing to the Republicans, there is no fucking way they are opening their markets up to the things we are good at.

The last unchallenged bastion of NZ neoliberalism is the free trade zeal that stops nationalization of economic sovereignty. Jacinda is a globalist who supports transnational labour chains which exploit workers and locks us into corporate subservience.

This pandemic has shocked neoliberal supply chains and is a precursor to the constant state of external shocks that the climate crisis will generate.

Now is a time for economic self sufficiency NOT corporate globalism!

Begging America to give us access to their markets to wean us off our economic subservience to China is apparently preferable to building Fortress Aotearoa.

The geopolitical shock waves are constant now, the current political spectrum won’t be able to contain the coming storm no matter how much we beg America.


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