Jacinda’s Aotearoa New Zealand vs John Key’s Smug Hermit kingdom

Just pause and consider the enormous wins Jacinda has gained on the international stage over the last couple of weeks.

Being invited to speak out against Chinese and Russian aggression at NATO, gun control in America and (as predicted by TDB) an enormous win on 501s and citizenship in Australia.

What was Key’s contribution?

‘Smug Hermit Kingdom’.

All Key managed in 3 terms internationally was putting all our cows in one Beijing paddock which has turned into a geopolitical nightmare, mass immigration, selling out mass surveillance to the NSA, golfing with Obama and doing the top ten list on The Late Show.

Jacinda’s world wide tour of diplomacy has been an enormous success, we should be proud of our Prime Minister and all the influence she has gained for NZ.

It doesn’t matter how you voted or your current political persuasion, the PM has made bold strides on the International stage that are good for NZ. If you are still hating on her despite her success, you may be a tribal right wing Troll who probably needs to get out a bit more.

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