Jacinda supposed leadership plunge & social media political proxification

Jacinda Ardern’s approval rating slips further in new poll

A new political poll shows Jacinda Ardern’s approval ratings have dropped again, her lowest result since the ratings were first measured in October 2019.

A pool of eligible voters were asked if they approve or disapprove of the way Ardern is handling her job as prime minister, in a new 1News Kantar Public poll.

The shallow news headlines proclaim the end of Jacinda.

Really? The results actually show that despite the most difficult 2 years ever, Jacinda still enjoys 52% support for the job she’s doing while Luxon only gets 42% for doing nothing.

Jacinda’s support has taken a hit, but I suspect that has more to do with her awful followers and the proxification of political support via social media.

Ex-Labour MP Darien Fenton slammed for tweet about pregnant Kiwi reporter denied MIQ spot

Former Labour MP Darien Fenton has been slammed for a tweet about a pregnant Kiwi journalist who was denied a MIQ spot. 

Jacinda isn’t losing support, her tribal feral defenders are doing that!

Social media algorithms have allowed for a toxicity of debate that is easily manipulated. A symphony of sweaty truths all screaming for attention and no one listening. Woke Identity Politics activists have seized the joy of having no gatekeepers to express how much they hate white men while alt right Incel Nazi’s have seized upon the joy of having no gatekeepers to express how much they hate everyone else.

Millennial woke culture sees macro violence coming from micro aggressions and piously police those micro aggressions with virtue signalling purity mantras.

Alt Right Incel Nazis see white persecution and create some bullshit replacement narrative to justify their powerlessness and feed that resentment online.

Most people are on social media and most people have a woke activist or Qanon fanatic in their social media feed screaming their feverish truths. While these activists certainly think they are speaking truth to power by endlessly calling people out for breaches of woke mantra or fake news anti Trump lies, to everyone else they are simply toxic.

People stop seeing the political party and only see the activist and in the end proxification means the activist becomes the proxy representation of the Party, and seeing as people have negative feelings towards the proxy, they turn from the Party.

Voters aren’t voting on policy, they are voting on who made them feel resentful on social media!

The political is the personal now means what hurts me personally becomes political.

Before social media activists could only face each other off at protests or through letters to the editor or talkback radio. There were constraints of interaction but with social media there are none and it turns out the freedom to insult and dehumanise others is more addictive than nicotine, alcohol and meth combined.

Wokeness has become a puritanical religion with none of the beauty – it’s not so much the personal virtue signal, we are all dicks at times, it’s the weaponization by algorithms that make it so dangerous and damaging.

The danger of identity politics is that it locks people intellectually into only defining the world through their skin colour, genitalia or sexual orientation – it also becomes toxically subjective and tribal where the only solidarity is with other people who share the skin colour or genitalia or sexual orientation- without shared truths and values, the 1% and their 9% enablers continue to divide the rest of us 90%.

Pure temple doctrine divides & alienates. Broadchurch universals build solidarity.

Twitter outrage is woke righteousness porn for the middle classes. A puritanical razoring where the self elected morality police publicly shame and cancel anyone for not using the language protocols of the conclave.

National are drawing support from rich white NZers who own more than one property, where Labour will regain support is when Omicron really hits us.

When tens of thousands are sick, Kiwis will see why Jacinda was so cautious and they will be grateful.


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