It’s not Djokovic deportation that should shock, it’s what was revealed about Australia that should appall us

Tennis: Australian politician reportedly cancelled Novak Djokovic visa to prevent civil unrest

An Australian newspaper claims to have obtained a more detailed explanation for why Novak Djokovic has had his visa to enter the country personally cancelled by Immigration Minister Alex Hawke.


I don’t care about Tennis and I care less about an antiVaxx premadonna Tennis player.

Who Australia let’s in or doesn’t let in during a pandemic is for Australia to determine, and sure there is a huge amount of politics involved here with an election 4 months away, however Djokovic’s plunge into the black hole of Australian immigration has illuminated a process so deeply flawed and abusive that Australia once again needs to take a long hard look at themselves and the punitive approach they take.

Djokovic won his first court case because the Judge agreed being given a mere 20 minutes to provide documents was ridiculous yet that’s what Australia does as a matter of course every hour!

Australian Immigration lawyers will be dining out on that Judge’s ruling for the next decade!

Then Djokovic was taken to a secure facility but it was the other migrants held at that facility that generated real attention!

One teenage refugee had been there for 8 years under detention!!!!

8 years!

The shocking thing is that none of this is new, the deeply hostile white majority of Australia extends these draconian measures to Kiwis by refusing them basic privileges of citizenship despite living there and paying taxes and the horrific 501 policy that has flooded NZ with a crime wave that is causing a Gang war.

The cruelty of Australia’s immigration black hole was made clear based on the reflection of cases and process Djokovic went through. He has the wealth and privilege to leave, the thousands who don’t have that wealth or privilege remain in a kafkaesque horror that never ends.

Being a mate requires the mana to tell a mate when they are being a thug.

Australia, you are being a thug!


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