It is completely unacceptable for Jacinda and the Greens to pass the buck on Mallard over grotesque abuse of power

It is completely unacceptable for Jacinda and the Greens to pass the buck on Mallard over his latest grotesque abuse of power…

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern speaks to Trevor Mallard about trespass decisions

The Prime Minister says she has spoken to Speaker Trevor Mallard about the decision to trespass former MPs, including New Zealand First leader Winston Peters.

“I have encouraged him to give the opportunity for all of the parties within Parliament to discuss the issue,” Jacinda Ardern said.

She said the Parliamentary Service Commission, a group made up of representatives of all parties, would meet on Tuesday afternoon to discuss “how the issue of trespass notices is dealt with on Parliament’s grounds”.

The Speaker has responsibility for Parliament’s grounds, Ardern said, but “it is an issue where he is ultimately having to decide whether past members of Parliament are treated exactly as everyone else is”.

It was reported earlier on Tuesday that the Speaker said he didn’t make decisions about the notices himself and instead delegated it to Parliamentary security. Newshub has contacted Parliamentary Services for comment.

Ardern said ultimately, the decision sits with the Speaker.

…no no no!

After all the shit Mallard has done, the false smearing of rape against a Parliamentary staffer because Trev was getting down with the kids and their new woke definition of rape, his provocation on Thursday Stupid Thursday that created a 10 hour live stream recruitment video for extremists, his basic bitch warehouse bargain basement psy-ops using the spraying of water and loud music at night which provoked the riot on Parliament’s lawns and now his trespassing of politicians from Parliament all combine to make Trevor YOUR problem Prime Minister.

This is now on YOU Prime Minister.

You have a control freak who is obscenely abusing political power in a manner that if performed by the right would have every member of the Left screaming.

The Left’s collective tribal silence is a stain on our collective honour which is why I have called Mallard out from the beginning.

At least one left wing commentator has to have some honour moving forward past the Dumb Lives Matter protest and I intend that person to be me!

The reason the wider Left are so silent is because many of the Middle Class Wellington Marxists screamed for the Police to bash the smelly lumpenproletariat Nazis because they had the work from home privilege threatened by angry scary brown poor people whom they claim at Wellington dinner parties to care about.

This is woke edge lord Clint Smith, high priestess of the Wellington woke demanding Andrew Coster be sacked for not bashing the smelly lumpenproletariat Nazis…

…the Woke Left never enjoy having their hypocrisy pointed out when they are so busy virtue signalling their righteousness.

If John Key had started trespassing politicians from Parliament, the Left would have been in an uproar – Mallard does it and everyone is tribally silent.

What is the point of being political if you have no values?

What Mallard is doing is madness and covering for him is unacceptable.

As for the Greens!

The disgusting manner in which they have capitulated to Mallard’s trespass abomination vomits in the face of every protestor and shits on their long history of protest!

For shame Greens for shame!

Once again it is embarrassingly ACT who have stood for our civil rights when the State abuses its power!

Mallard must quit or be removed, that’s the only way this madness ends.

You can’t trespass politicians from Parliament t for meeting with protestors no matter how much you dislike the protestors.

I did not agree with the Dumb Lives Matter protest, you all know that, but I fiercely defended their right to protest. That so many on the Left have ignored those values to get some vengeance punches into the lumpenproletariat because they had the audacity of upturning woke aesthetics of the Left being everyones saviours is crass and so very fucking middle class.

What a surprise the Greens caved in.


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