Is Luxon really the second coming? Why I’m not praying yet!

The mainstream media have breathlessly proclaimed Luxon as the second coming of the right wing messiah.

Sure, Luxon had a good first week, but in comparison to the implosion of Muller and Collins, all Luxon had to do to look better than them was make it to the press conference without exploding or lacerating a child!

It was a very low bar to meet, the joy that Luxon managed to tie his shoelaces without injuring anyone is testament to how bad things had gotten inside National, not how much better Luxon actually is!

Key always knew his massive wealth disgusted most Kiwis, that’s why he always dressed down to avoid triggering that negative egalitarianism, Luxon however sees his wealth as a blessing from Jesus, so he will never hide his money or the luxury he enjoys.

And that’s the ultimate problem with Luxon.

He is a slick advertising campaign for a holiday you are never able to ever afford!

Where Luxon needs to win votes is far harder than winning over the mainstream media.

The 200000 40 year old + female voters who Key seduced from Labour in 2008 but Jacinda won back in 2020 see themselves in Jacinda’s leadership. They see in her a female leader leading in an authentically female way and it empowers them. How the fuck a rich CEO with a Handmaid’s Tale level anti abortion stance is going to win those 40year old female voters back is anyones guess.

Maybe Luxon will gain back ACT vote but if you do a deep dive there you see ACT picking up enormously from the 18-49 male electorate in numbers so large it suggests a genuine philosophical break from National to ACT. I don’t think Christian Dad will tempt that vote away from the political 4chan of ACT.

Where Luxon will pick up and create an immediate polling bump is the sub 5% Christian vote that gets wasted each election because their vote goes to religious and conservative parties that don’t get over 5%.

All Luxon does is hold onto vote National already has while sucking up wasted Christian vote!

Attempting  to win back Labour’s proud female vote or ACTs angry male vote will be a task beyond the Corporate Ted talks Luxon is currently getting applauded for.

To paraphrase The Life of Brian, “He’s not the messiah, he’s just a very boring boy”!

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