I’m all in favour of the State seizing private property but why take crappy RATs?

Covid-19: RATs send Government skittering

It was a real through-the-looking-glass moment on Wednesday as Ashley Bloomfield hit back at claims that the Ministry of Health was “commandeering” or “requisitioning” supplies of rapid antigen tests – at-home Covid tests – saying that what they were actually doing was “consolidated into Government’s stock”.

The claim came in response to businesses who thought they had tests arriving, only to be told the ministry would be gobbling them up.

Look – I’m all in favour of the State seizing private property for the glory of the people, but why seize shitty tests that are 20% false all the time? –

Why the fuck aren’t we seizing Megalandlord properties or ghost houses or rich peoples money to feed poor kids?

Why must this seizing be of things that embarrass the Government by exposing their glacial bureaucratic incompetence rather than seizing obscene wealth to redistribute?

I’ve seen dead rats swallowed with more grace than this.

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