I’m agnostic about removing James Shaw as co-leader of Greens before election

James Shaw brushes off Greens leadership challenge

Green Party co-leader James Shaw is brushing off the threat of a fresh leadership challenge ahead of the party’s annual conference.


I’m not sure this is the solution to be honest. I thought they should have moved earlier to give Chloe some time in the role as co-leader, but the naked truth is it doesn’t matter much.

Should Green activists be sickened by the total lack of social policy impact they’ve had?


Should Green activists be appalled at the weak environmental progress?

Of course they should, if you think being carbon neutral in 28 years time is a legitimate response to climate change, then you are part of the problem!

Should Green activists be underwhelmed and depressed with the total lack of transformative change?

Yes, just like Labour voters.

But will removing James Shaw be the solution?

I don’t know.

Look, the reality is The Greens are hopeless and have all the offensive capacity of slow growing moss. Don’t get me wrong, misuse a pronoun, suggest feral comedians aren’t funny and don’t own a bike, and they will slice your throat while burring your pets, but outside that they are Checkers players playing Chess.

If it was a Green/Labour Government, the Greens wouldn’t even know what to fight for let alone how to fight Labour for it, thankfully for progressives, John Tamihere, the best negotiator in the game, is now the Māori Party President and has the mana and skills to cut a deal with Labour that is actually transformative.

If the kids want to dump James for Chloe, they need to do it now but don’t think that a leadership change will enable any real change of direction by Labour, JT and the Māori Party will be the ones who do that.

At this stage the Greens are like a foreskin, in that they serve no purpose and everyone just wishes they were cut off.

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