If we’ve finished destroying Sam Uffindell, can we do ASB next?

Folks, I appreciate we are terribly busy destroying Sam Uffindell for shit he did when he was 16 and banging on a door 19 years ago, but I wonder in our death roll of glee if we could possibly divert some of that energy towards something that, you know, matters.

Like the fucking banks and their fucking obscene profits…

Another record: ASB profit up 11 per cent to $1.47 billion

Lending growth pushed profits at ASB up 11 per cent to $1.47 billion for the year to June 30, despite a slowdown in the property market.

The bank’s home lending grew 6 per cent during the year down from 12 per cent in the prior financial year.

Its cash profit rose 9 per cent to $1.42b while its net interest margin remained flat at 2.22 per cent.

Total advances to customers rose 5 per cent to $105b while its deposits were up 8 per cent to $85b.

…again, appreciate we all want to virtue signal over Sam Uffindel and his heteronormative white cis male toxic masculinity privilege, and goodness that’s important, but you know, capitalism and under regulated banking is probably robbing us of huge revenue sources we could rebuild that society so many of you woke activists bleat about, so how about we show ASB and their Australian Banking Oligarchy the same anger we are showing Sammy?

If only we on the Left were as good at strangling off child poverty, the cost of living crisis and housing unaffordability the way we can National MP careers for things they did 2 decades ago.

ASB and their Aussie banking mates should be hit with windfall profit taxes, just as the UK has done with gas and oil companies.

It is obscene that the Aussie Banks are robbing us blind during a Cost of Living Crisis…

Banks post record profits and close in on $5 billion in interest income as mortgage costs spiral

The total interest hoovered up by the banks from households and businesses is on track to top $5 billion​ a quarter as home loan interest rates rise, KPMG says.

Rising mortgage rates are contributing to a national cost of living crisis and data from the Reserve Bank Te Pūtea Matua showed at the end of April that just under $110b​ of home loans would come to the end of their fixed term before April next year.

Borrowers refixing in the next three or six months were likely to get rates starting at 5% or 6%​, said John Kensington​, head of banking and finance at KPMG.

…if only the woke could be as outraged by this as they are by something a National Party MP did 20 years ago.

If. Fucking. Only.

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