If Radio NZ banned Hooton for conflicts of interest why not Woke Wellington General Neale Jones?

It’s been a weird couple of weeks for Dr Bryce Edwards.

I consider him to be one if the best public academic in politics, his laser like intelligence forces ideological debate in a country too dumb to have those discussions.

His Daily Politics and Democracy Project blogs provide more political insight and oversight than any other political scientist in the game so watching the Woke try and cancel him last week because he mentioned Rachel Stewart is just another reminder of how far the Woke have infected political debate.

So his latest scorching Blog highlighting the the Woke pimping for corporations is going to go down as well as Dr Ashly Bloomfield at an AntiVaxxer protest…

On Thursday it was announced that the recently departed Green Party Chief of Staff in Parliament, Tory Whanau, has become a lobbyist. She has joined the corporate lobbying group Capital Government Relations, which is headed up by chief lobbyist and political commentator Neale Jones. This latest shift from someone in a top Government role to corporate gun-for-hire indicates that the “revolving door” of vested interests keeps on spinning under the Labour-Green coalition.

The CEO of Capital Government Relations, Neale Jones, was once Chief of Staff for former Labour leader Andrew Little. He then worked as Chief of Staff under new leader Jacinda Ardern, but moved to become a lobbyist when she became PM. Jones continues to dine out on his status – his social media publicity photo is a selfie with Jacinda Ardern, and he makes mention of his connections to Ardern in his media commentary and pitches to corporate clients, to indicate his closeness to power and decision-makers.

Of course, this would be illegal in other countries. But New Zealand has barely any rules about lobbying, and absolutely no rules to stop the “revolving door” of Beehive staffers shifting into lucrative corporate jobs to leverage their political connections and information. The likes of Jones and Whanau move freely and frequently between jobs in the Beehive and roles in which they lobby their ex-colleagues on behalf of the wealthy.

…If Radio NZ banned Hooton for conflicts of interest why not Woke Wellington General Neale Jones?

Surprise surprise Woke Wellington General Neale Jones was on Spinoff arguing for his corporate masters and lo and behold it happens…

Leftwing commentator Chris Trotter has been very suspicious of the work that Capital Government Relations does on housing, noting that Neale Jones appears to be putting forward policies that would be beneficial to the big property developers – see his blog post, Democratic socialism from the ground up? Not in Neale’s backyard.

The arguments that Jones was making in his Spinoff article were later realised in the Labour-National agreement on intensifying housing development in the big cities – something that many residents and local authorities had concerns about, but housing developers would supremely profit from.

It can’t help but raise questions about what role lobbyists with corporate clients played in bringing about this bipartisan housing policy. The problem is, who would know? We will always have lobbying, but the key is that it should be transparent and there needs to be a lock put on the revolving door of government advisors and lobbyists. It is extraordinary and undemocratic and would simply not be tolerated in other countries.

…why are the NZ woke so quiet on this? How is it that when it is one of their’s all that ‘conflict of intereset stuff’ disappears?

When it was Hoots they screamed every week!

Where’s that @onThePaepae guy – isn’t he always going on and on about this?

The double standards applied by the woke when it’s their own are as hypercritical as Fox News!

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