If only Labour loved beneficiaries, renters & the working poor as much as they love property speculators and middle class white collar bureaucrats

I always argued that we would know very quickly in the first 100 days of a Labour-Green Government whether or not they were going to be transformative.

They are fast running out of time to prove they are.

The first baby steps of this new Government was to endorse a racist drug law, rule out a wealth tax and refuse to lift benefits before Christmas.

They have bewilderingly however locked us into a vast debt trap to fund trickle down economics by printing billions and instead of loaning it to the Government to rebuild our infrastructure, poorly funded public services and refund our welfare state, Labour have green lighted it going to corporate banks to fuel property speculators in the hope the newly inflated paper wealthy spend that false sense of prosperity in the real economy to help the little guy.

Once again Labour use free market mechanics to try and fix a housing market wrecked by neoliberalism.

Add onto this a cowardly unemployment insurance that benefits the elite Public Service Bureaucratic class most while cementing inequity into place with a two tier welfare system.

This is middle class welfare on top of their property portfolios!

Why the Christ can’t Labour love beneficiaries, renters and the working poor the way they do property speculators & middle class white collar bureaucrats?

What’s the point of voting Labour if it’s just a slightly less cruel version of a National Government?

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