If Mihi Forbes can see it, why can’t Jacinda’s political minders?

I think bringing Jacinda to Auckland when radicalization from the 13 weeks in de facto house arrest is running rampant is a terrible security risk.

I have argued that Jacinda’s Wellington Media wranglers are utterly out of touch with the speed and intensity of the radicalization and that led to their disastrous press conference fiasco up North and has fueled antiVaxx protests wherever Jacinda now goes.

If Mihi Forbes can see it, why can’t Jacinda’s political minders?

I’ve argued that the radicalization occurring has led to extreme positions.

For the ‘Jesus-is-my-vaccine’ crowd they see Jacinda as the antiChrist.

For Qanon lunatics they see Nazi Germany.

For Crystal Karens (Liz Gunn) Jacinda is raping Gaia.

For double vaxxed they are furious Jacinda won’t re-open.

For small Business on the verge of collapse they blame Jacinda.

For the woke Jacinda is enacting a ‘modern genocide’.

After 12weeks de facto home arrest everyone has gone loopy.

If you honestly believe via Facebook hate  algorithms that Jacinda is the antiChrist, Nazi, Gaia raping, continual double vaxx liberty denying, woke modern Genocide or business ruining witch then any action against total evil becomes acceptable to brittle minds.

If Jacinda comes to Auckland the security must be over the top.

The last thing this country could take is some type of political violence.

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