How will the Middle Class Marxists win back all those Parliament Lawn Nazis?

The funniest thing about the Poll result is the shocked surprise from most of the Twitter Woke.

For 3 weeks the NZ Left screamed ‘NAZI’ at poor brown protestors on Parliament’s lawns and are now surprised that they won’t vote for us.

You can’t pretend that there wouldn’t be a political response to that hypocrisy

How did we think the poverty we have done nothing about wouldn’t bite us in the arse politically?

I’ve been arguing this for 4 years now!

All the activist Left have managed to do over the last 4 years is cancel everyone who might have voted for us.

Well, congrats, we’ve cancelled everyone.

So far the vibe from the NZ Woke Twitter to TVNZ Poll is ‘fuck those ungrateful smelly lumpenproletariat Nazis for not voting for us’

Hmmm – might need to brush up on the sales pitch.

We need less cancellations, more economic hegemonic restructure.

We need less pronouns, more do shit that matters.

We need less narcissism of tiny difference, more common ground.

We need less pure temple politics, more Broadchurch policy.

We need less woke dogma, more actual pragmatic solutions.

The Left’s social media cheerleaders aren’t seen as welcoming voters, they are seen as punishing them.

Woke cancel culture is killing us on the Left.

This level of reflection seems impossible for the Middle Class Marxists in Wellington so I’ll make it as simple as I can for Labour, Green and Maori MPs.

Likes. On. Twitter. Don’t. Mean. Shit.

If we don’t want the poor having their economic misery manipulated by the right, THEN DO SOMETHING ABOUT THEIR FUCKING ECONOMIC MISERY THEN!

Got it yet?

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