How we urgently save a lost generation to truancy

Covid has exposed the bleeding gums of our inequality.

Truancy is soaring and we MUST immediately introduce massive funding for a total community overhaul right now or we risk losing an entire generation to the spoil of ignorance and ill routine.

It is an abomination that children must choose between getting a job to support the Whanau and education.

Covid has exposed the bleeding gums of our inequality.

We either invest now or build bigger fucking prisons!

Schools must be radically refunded as community hubs!

Free healthy breakfasts and lunches in every school utilising school gardens and local community gardens.

Massive investment into social services provision inside Schools.

Free adult education classes back at School’s after hours to utilise community spaces and make them welcoming and use them as a means to access social services alongside new skills and basic human interaction that many in the Community simply yearn for.

Active Truancy outreach units that work with Whanau proactively to help get kids to school focused on using food parcels and aid packages to engage family, it’s not to be used as a threat of legal action because punitive shit simply won’t work here.

We have to make schools essential community hubs and properly fucking fund them!

We are at serious risk of losing an entire generation here, it’s not their fault a pandemic ruptured at this time in their life, we urgently need to resource schools and see them as an extraordinary resource with which to build around to provide social cohesion infrastructure at a time when economic recession could be driving economic anxiety much higher.

We need leadership and a vision of the next step in our building back from Covid. A radical multi billion dollar expansion into our school culture and system can be easily funded by a Financial Transaction Tax, so let’s not pretend this isn’t possible or viable.

It is.

We need bold vision. We need it now. Our kids deserve better than what we are giving them. 

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