How video games are changing real sports

Video games were seen as the devil for moms back in the 80’s and mostly during the 90’s. It took the kid’s attention away from school and reduced their interest in sports. 

Controversy got too big to handle when Mortal Kombat got its console port and pixelated blood splattered all over our home TVs. United States senate got involved and created ESRB which is the rating that regulates video games by age as a response to control violence in games. 

Fortunately, those times in video game history are long gone and people don’t see them as something bad.

Games have gotten so realistic that they are being used for training in simulators, for example. In this article we will share a few examples of how video games helped improve or even bring players closer to sports.  


Training for the job

SimRacing has become something bigger than what anyone expected. Even professional racing leagues embraced Simracing when racing at real tracks was not possible during the last few years. Hardware accompanied with force feedback wheels and simulator cockpits. 

VR is another training method that is taking the spotlight. You can immerse yourself even more by putting goggles on. It’s greatly used for flight simulators as well. 

Now, anyone can buy affordable flight sticks and yoke controllers to try sim flying.   

Furthermore, it has been proven that pilots who are gamers (not necessarily simulator enthusiast) tend to be better at their jobs. The difference comes from the eye to hand connection that playing videogames developed in our brains. It is indeed a handy skill!


It’s in the game

So how does all this apply to sports, and even improve them? Well, we are already seeing how augmented reality makes NBA games look more like video games. 

Court Vision was introduced to show stats, player handicaps and plays analysis integrated on screen. Some cool effects as well; when a player scores three times in a row fire is shown coming out of his hands, as in NBA Jam. He’s on fire!

All this info and data is extremely handy if you like betting online too. If you understand the game better, you can make better choices when placing your bets.  There are websites where you can place bets on the most popular sports in the country you are in and choosing the best way to make the deposit. For example, for those who are based in Netherlands can bet on Football, where it has been played for 140 years or Field Hockey, on one of the strongest teams in the international field hockey. 


Video Game Mindset 

Games are shaping our minds in a good way. Beyond the benefits we discussed earlier, when you play sport games such as FIFA International Soccer, you have access to a variety of strategies that you can have your team do and then see them in action, in real time. 

Deeper into strategy, American Football is known for being an extremely strategic game and this is present in NFL games as well. 

Going back to racing games, there’s a strategic element there as well. You can go under the hood and changes your car tire pressure, suspension, springs and dampers. Changes reflect how your car behaves during race. 


Gimmicky workout

Yes, you can work out while playing games as well. You can burn extra calories from those burgers you ate last night by playing games like Beat saber.

Working out to video games is not new. Back in 2006, when the Wii was released, it introduced many motion controlled video games, including the acclaimed Wii Sports. A whole new generation was introduced to yoga though Wii Fit, as well. An old sport presented in a new way. 

There were many who found themselves enjoying games like golf more than expected and gave the actual sport a try after the virtual experience felling so satisfying. Wii tennis and boxing were among the favourites to sweat while having a blast with your friends. 



While many times games are related to waste time or a hobby, depending on your point of view, truth is gaming is shaping a lot of things from our lives. From pop culture to sports. Gaming is here to stay and it’s getting bigger and bigger. Let’s give them the place they deserve and start having fun.