How Trump and Boris manipulated the same cultural/economic frictions and why both could be back

In a way I think Boris was the same dynamic as Trump.

Both manipulating working class resentment at free market globalisation to over run the traditional Tory/Republican base with a majority that carried both to historic wins.

Boris was a Tory by class but a British socialist at heart. He lifted taxes and kept services while stoking Nationalistic identity.

The Economic trauma Britain is currently suffering from requires radical reforms that either slash and burn or implement a Jeremy Corbyn style economic response, and seeing as a Left wing economic program of nationalisation that’s highly unlikely from a Conservative Party, it will be left to Hedge Fund candidates to decide how much deregulation and service cut back the British people can endure.

My guess is that the Hard Right whom Boris had made Faustian pacts with will implement a right wing economic agenda that will leave the British electorate who voted for Boris’ Conservative Party reeling.

It’s possible that Boris simply has to wait in the wings for all the Black Swans to land and re-run as leader because even with a failing economy and full frontal right wing attack, the British Labour Party will still find a way to fuck it up and allow Boris to come back.

Deteriorating economic fortunes for those promised free market capitalism would free them will drive politics as the Left lose themselves in a Blancmange of woke virtue signals unable to forge solidarity for lack of common values as material class concerns trump identity politics.

Trump and Boris are the spectres hanging over the famine.

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