How Simon Bridges beats globalist Jacinda in 2023

That gagging sound you hear is Jacinda reading the neoliberal Mfat wishlist she was forced to regurgitate at the end of APEC.

The last unchallenged bastion of NZ neoliberalism is the free trade zeal that stops nationalization of economic sovereignty. Jacinda is a globalist who supports transnational labour chains which exploit workers and locks us into corporate subservience.

This pandemic has shocked neoliberal supply chains and is a precursor to the constant state of external shocks that the climate crisis will generate.

Now is a time for economic self sufficiency NOT corporate globalism!

Judith is so focused on stopping David Seymour from becoming the Leader of the Opposition that she can’t be the Leader of the Opposition.

National have no policy announcements, no big ideas and no intellectual integrity.

Let’s say Simon takes over as leader, then what?

Replacing leaders won’t restore National’s mana and with ACT so hard right, the center voters Labour picked up in 2020 will cling to them in 2023!

Simon must hit the ground running with a radical agenda on the only political rail he could dominate – isolationism.

What if Simon announces another Orewa Speech but this time gives the speech of his career?

What if he starts talking about re-reading some of Robert Muldoon’s books and speeches? What if Simon points out the reality of Covid isolationism and argues the case for Fortress NZ, spurning free market trade for a hyper vigilant border and self sufficient industry.

What if Simon proposed isolationism and self reliance? Imagine the titanic shift in the political tectonic plates as National went back to its Muldoon isolationism and nationalism.

A make NZ great again campaign without ever having to say those words.

Radical nationalism that seeks to protect all bypasses race and class lines.

Such isolationism would squeeze ACT out while pulling the center out of Labour.

It’s a mad tactic that could ignite a deep sense of insecurity in a Covid plagued world with increasing climate crisis events.

The psyche of a people locked down is exploding with a surge in violence and abuse as frightened people grappling with uncertainty vent at each other.

A state that shuts the borders and promises the hope of self reliance and protection will be greedily rewarded.

Is Simon willing to slaughter that many current National Party sacred cows to reanimate Muldoon’s Think Big?

Could National win using Fortress NZ?

If National doesn’t think big soon, voters will be remembering little.

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