How rich is Luxon? He made $2.3m in a year on one house & didn’t notice

National leader Christopher Luxon unaware his $7m Remuera home increased in value by $2.3m over one year

Newshub can reveal the new leader of the National Party has no idea how much money he made off his seven properties last year – and that’s not all Christopher Luxon didn’t know. 

There is an urban legend that Key’s people put out a poll before he was serious about running to ascertain how much money Kiwis felt was ‘too much’ for a person to have before they felt the politician had stolen it.

$50 million, $100 million, $150 million or $200 million.

The overwhelming answer was $50 million, anything above that voters felt was stolen.

Key stepped into politics with $50 million.

Rumor is he’s worth $200million.

New Zealanders respect rich business men the way they respect Head Principal at private schools – a mixture of fear, subservience & sexual excitement, but we don’t like too rich because that brings with it pretensions and we fucking despise that!

Key always dressed down and played down his wealth, Luxon can’t help demand everyone looks as his blessings are because of Jesus.

Luxon angrily attacked a question over him gaining $2.3million in one house as ‘You can attack me for being successful. I can’t defend that,”.

No one is attacking him for being ‘successful’ people are raising questions about an evangelical Christian with some far out beliefs who is so rich he didn’t notice gaining $2.3million!

Folks – if anything I ever had gained $2.3million, I’d bury it in the middle of the Squid Games homicide Disneyland for safe keeping, old Christian Lex Luthor wasn’t even aware!

There’s out of touch and then there’s hire a black Mercedes to drive him across the road out of touch.

Luxon is a leader for very shallow people, has the pandemic built us resilient or left us weak to the sparkle of money?

How many houses would Jesus own?


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