How dumb angry are banjo twanging Groundswell anti 3 water rednecks? VERY!

You do get the feeling with some that the mere whisper of co-governance is such a threat to their fragile sense of identity that they just scream hate at it without even understanding what is being discussed.

How dumb angry are banjo twanging Groundswell anti 3 water rednecks?

They didn’t even bother reading the bloody legislation…

Groundswell co-founders haven’t read Three Waters bill they’re against

The co-founders of Groundswell admit they have not read the Three Waters legislation they are so vehemently against.

…they hate the idea of sharing with Māori sooooooooooo much that they haven’t even read the laws they are protesting against because this entire 2 Waters fiasco has been about our petty racism against Māori, it hasn’t been about genuine concerns over water management.

This is a fucking infrastructure bill, not a Malcolm X socialist theft of water for Maaaaaaoree.

My criticisms of 3 Waters is as follows:

  • Should have seized all the water assets under the Public Works ACT and nationalised water
  • Should have given Māori the right to always oppose any attempt to privatise water no matter what National and ACT try.
  • Should have stopped all foreign water bottling operations.
  • Should empower Councils to fine farmers more for cow piss in our water.

What its most hilarious about this, is that we are only having this co-governance debate because John Key sold 49% of our hydro assets thus putting a direct value on the water that empowers those hydro assets calling into question Māori property rights over water!

This debate wouldn’t be required if Key hadn’t crossed the red line of selling off hydro assets!

What Labour have attempted here is a means to settle the water ownership issue without going to Court because let’s be very clear what its actually at stake here, if Māori don’t get their co-governance in 3 Waters, they are going to go back to the Waiting Tribunal and demand the issue be heard there and that will be far more damaging in the long run than the decency of what 3 Waters proposes.

The fear of a brown planet that seems to rule so many Kiwis is difficult to get angry at when they are so busy fighting shadows they don’t seem to understand.

There are lots of reasons for you to be angry when it comes to water.

You should be angry at the open immigration used to falsely inflate our GDP without funding the necessary infrastructure.

You should be angry at feckless councils who haven’t invested into water infrastructure.

You should be angry farmers can cow piss and pollute our water.

You should be angry at Governments who allow foreign water bottling plants despite water running low on a heating planet.

You should be angry John Key privatised 49% of our hydro assets while giving investors taxpayer funded sweeteners all to fund a $400million irrigation slush fund for corporate farming to intensify cow herds which in turn lifted our climate crisis gases WHILE polluting and stealing more water.

Being angry at the solution to all those issues seems misplaced.


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