How does Xi respond to Pelosi’s provocation?

Just imagine for one minute how spastic with rage America would be in right now if Xi visited Puerto Rico and declared never ending support to their independence movement?

Americans would be so spastic with rage they wouldn’t even have time to cancel the ableist who described their rage as spastic!

How China responds to Pelosi’s vanity project to be a footnote in history could end up starting a whole new chapter of conflict.

Look, I dislike the organ harvesting, mass surveillance, human rights abusing, cultural genocidal committing Communist Chinese regime as much as the next righteous human, but provocation like this right before Xi’s coronation as God seems incredibly stupid.

How China responds could set a dangerous miscalculation on either side.

If China do nothing, it could suggest they are a paper dragon without the resolve of Putin and America will continue to goad them until someone miscalculates.

I argued Putin would invade the Ukraine because the Russians saw the attempted coup in Kazakhstan as an attempt by the West to encroach into their immediate sphere of influence, I fear China’s need to be provocative might be driven by the same dynamics after Pelosi’s provocation.

I think the lesson Xi is taking from Putin in the Ukraine is to have far more modest objectives, if this is what has been the lesson, China could reassert its dominance by invading one of the smaller Islands near Taiwan like the Kinmen Islands.

This wouldn’t be the armageddon of a full invasion of Taiwan, it would be a short sharp over whelming use of Force and then a call for ceasefire, it would freak out the Planet, test American resolve and allow China to outshine Russia and the US.

The next Communist Conference is in November, any sudden build up of Chinese  Airforce and Navy will be the only warning if they attempt this strategy.

Pelosi may have triggered consequences far larger than she has considered.

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