How Do Punters Win?

Punters from all around the world will all agree that as a beginner, gamblers can sometimes hold onto certain expectations that can sometimes leave them disappointed from the first moment a bet is placed. So, for that very reason, we decided to put together some of the most prominent pieces of advice that the top punters of today have suggested to the newcomers of the gambling realm.


This article will be the best practical punting tip reference that you will find. Most tend to be over complicated and way too over explained; especially when a beginner gambler is concerned. Therefore, continue reading to make sure that you manage to get all the beginners tips that you should pick up before you jump headfirst into the world of gambling! Answering the most typically asked question- how do punters win? We have you covered.


Unrealistic expectations are something you need to get rid of

A beginner punter will always enter a gambling environment full of confidence and expectation. Sure, this is definitely a great quality to have, however you need to always hold onto realistic return expectations-especially for the bet budgets that you will have for your bets. Usually, gamblers are considered pretty good when they are making a bet return of at least 35%. This should certainly put into perspective that overestimating your wins is certainly something common that happens often, and it is not as achievable as you would think.

Be prepared to lose more than you win

Gamblers’ luck can happen, there is no doubt. Many people report it spontaneously when they are betting on the Royal Ascot, or some other huge races within horse racing season. Once you decide your budget for the month, it will be very common for you to place a percentage of the amount you will allow yourself to gamble with for each consecutive bet. Usually this is around 1-5% of your allocated bankroll. However, depending on your budget, this will also alternate how much you wish to spend each time. 


Once you have set a budget, you need to be prepared to lose more than you win. That is always how it is supposed to go. So firstly, make sure what you are betting with is worth the loss and can be spared i.e., not essential funds. You will also need to discipline yourself and have a limit on losses, to prevent you losing out on too much. The moment you have hit your losses limit, that is when you should pull away. It is a key thing that gamblers stick to, to ensure they can make wins. Acknowledging the wisest time to call it a day.

Understand the market percentages 

Understanding the varieties of percentages and prices offered up by bookmakers, is another way of getting the best wins for yourself. What do market percentages mean, you ask? Well , essentially the odds on the market will operate on approximately 118% in total (for all the runners). Therefore, should you back a horse to collect back $100, this would ultimately cost you more, at $118. The operators (bookmaker) will always deduct from you a percentage from the total running pool, before they actually distribute the remainder on the winning bets from the total units. Therefore, understanding this is key, if you want to be able to win and make the greatest profit returns in the long term.

Discipline yourself 

Discipline is the biggest punting tip for any keen gambler. The reason why it is so important is that an excited punter, while they have the will, may not actually find a way to continue and gamble, if they have spent all their bankroll in the first place. While it is completely normal to lose, spending more than necessary is not. Not everyday will be a win, that is a given, but sticking to your guns and thinking of coming back to fight another day, is better than spending all your budget in one go with no discipline. 


Gambling is done with strategy and mathematical finesse. You pick your gambling odds based on the potential of profit available, and not just due to the fact a team or sport is one that you support. You need to distinguish yourself from a novice gambler to a professional, by selecting odds that are profitable. Winning in gambling requires more than a lucky betting choice, but rather the selection of odds that offer up the most potential for the pot of money that you have put aside for your gambling activities.


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