Here’s why Aloha Luxon’s Hawaii holiday is so politically damaging

You can always tell when the latest self inflicted mistake by Luxon has caused real political damage to his brand because the Right Wing Trolls go into super defense mode.

All the usual suspects have popped up telling us that it’s unfair to judge poor Chris Luxon for having a holiday, everyone is allowed a holiday, why be so jealous about his holiday, mumble mumble mumble Hawaii, it’s just a silly mislabelled social media post, the Left are so desperate to deflect, nothing to see here, mumble mumble mumble Hawaii.

To all of that I say, bullshit!

This has been an enormous fuck up to Luxon’s brand, and the fact National tried to hide him being in Hawaii by loading his week long social media feed to look like he was in NZ alerts us to the reality that they knew him holidaying in Hawaii while he is singing the cost of living crisis blues to a domestic audience would be politically damaging.

It’s the exact same problem he has with the tax cuts.

The fundamental problem for every right wing politician selling tax cuts is the following: Average Punter asks how much they are getting in tax cuts, and under National that’s $850 per year, and then they ask the politician trying to sell the tax cut how much they are getting, and in Luxon’s case it will be $18000 and average punters say fuck off – the poor aren’t stupid!

The exact same applies to Luxon singing the cost of living blues, all that faux concern looks like an act when he’s caught holidaying at a mansion in Hawaii for a little bit of him time with the fam.

You know, like we all do eh, especially after all the stress of Covid, we just pop on a flight for a wee break in fucking Hawaii don’t we all?

Oh that’s right – we don’t.

Having Mr 7 Properties holidaying in Hawaii while Kiwis shiver in poverty makes it hard to pretend he cares about a cost of living crisis that doesn’t impact him.

That’s why they tried to pretend Aloha Luxon was visiting working classes in Te Puke.

Let’s not forget, National purposely misled the public as to where Luxon was, not just with this one post, the entire week is peppered with posts that insinuated he was in NZ.

They knew it was politically damaging because it is fucking politically damaging. Sure he needs a holiday, but in basic respect to the very citizens  in economic pain who he’s been claiming to champion, a holiday should have been at a batch in NZ, not some obscenely grotesque affluence that 90% of his fellow citizens will never experience.

This goes directly to the character of Luxon, this is who he truly is, a rich prick who speaks fake comfort and anger to those hurting economically while he suns it up on a holiday most of those he’s claiming concern for will never share.

And the National Party, knowing it would be damaging to his political facade, repeatedly did all they could to hide the fact he was holidaying in a swanky Hawaiian beach house.

Luxon cries political tears over a cost of living crisis that never actually ever touches him.

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