Here comes the Mass Surveillance Stasi response to Dumb Lives Matter Parliament Lawn fiasco

When I said, ‘Comrades, we need to de-escalate the Dumb Lives Matter Parliament Lawn fiasco or else we will radicalise NZers already on the fringe”, the Wellington Middle Class Marxists screamed, ‘Fuck them, send in the Police’.

When I said, ‘Comrades this lack of de-escalation will lead to Police force that will be used by the far right to radicalise thousands of Kiwis on the edge”, the Wellington Middle Class Marxists screamed, ‘Fuck them, send in the Police’.

When I said, ‘Comrades this use of Police force has only radicalised 10 000 new recruits for the far right, and that radicalisation will now be picked up the NZ intelligence apparatus who will use this newly radicalised 10 000 to further build upon their existing mass surveillance infrastructure by pushing for more  powers and resourcing’, the Wellington Middle Class Marxists screamed, ‘Fuck the smelly Lumpenproletariat Nazi’s and fuck you as well, you are probably a Nazi too”.

So surprise, fucking surprise, the SIS start their new Woke Stasi and Nark centre to start dobbing in anyone you suspect of being an enemy of the State…

Domestic terrorism: NZ security agencies’ public guide as violent online talk increases

NZ Security Intelligence Service director general Rebecca Kitteridge told the Herald a declassified version of its Indicators of Violence guidance would be released in a few months to help the public recognise someone who might be preparing to carry out a terror attack.

…I’m not sure giving the woke favoured Nark status with the fucking Secret Intelligence Service is really that much of a step away from a functioning Stasi.

Remember how woke activists manufactured Rachel Stewart’s tweets into a threat so that her guns were seized?

That is what the SIS is attempting to invoke from a huge swath of Middle Class Marxists who now see being mocked by anonymous trolls online is a national security threat!

That’s right, middle class white women should never be mocked online and if they are, it’s a National Security Issue because anyone who bad mouths a woman online is a step and a hop away from becoming a genocidal white supremacist terrorist.

This farcical attempt to put middle class identity virtue signalling alongside national security threats is woke madness and will ultimately manufacture more radicals!

Sure antagonism online has exploded, but that’s set against a media culture backlash that started with MeToo vigilantism, extended to woke social media Lynch mobs and is being exacerbated by Covid economic stress and dislocation.

Pretending all that antagonism is magically coming from no where and is instead a clear indicator of who is going to be a domestic terrorist and who isn’t is jaw dropping in its middle class audacity.

You getting shitty things said anonymously online isn’t a national security threat ffs!

The new Police State won’t be critiqued or protested against by the Wellington Middle Class Marxists, it will be cheered and supported.


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