Harbour Bridge protest now vs that time middle class militant cyclists pushed past apathetic cops then

One of the issues with the Parliament Lawn Protest is how quickly the Middle Class Marxist Woke Left let everyone know that their kindness is really just a shallow virtue signal and that behind the surface of their hashtag compassion lies the beating heart of sadistic cult who yearn to punish the sinful.

The speed with which so many have called on the police to bash protestors, or calls for the military to become involved or even one Woke Lord who wanted the Governor General to sack Coster so a new intelligence committee can deal directly to the lumpenproletariat scum…

…John A.Z Moore explores this at the Democracy Project

Liberals and leftists have found a new cause in decrying a rabble of poor, brown and angry protesters. They have embraced the police and even the army as the necessary agency to push back this mob. Where is the left that once saw the millionaires, billionaires, the police and the oppressive state agencies as the real enemy? A new left that reengages with the mob is desperately needed.

…so at the height of passions we get a Harbour Bridge protest that the Police are promising will be rough…

Auckland Harbour Bridge Destiny Church protest – police will have ‘significant’ presence

Police say they will have a “significant” presence at a planned anti-mandate protest that threatens to bring the Auckland Harbour Bridge to a standstill, and warn they will “actively engage” with anyone who tries to cross it on foot.

…remember when the middle class pakeha militant cycling squad rode across this bridge last year?

Not only did the cops let them do it, the Government promised them a stupid $750million bike bridge!

Auckland City Councilor Efeso Collins at the time questioned the way police allowed middle class militant cyclists over the bridge while working class South Aucklanders get a very different kind of policing.

This double standard is about to raise its head again.

When the soft cheese revolution of militant Devonport Cyclists led by David Slack wanted to cross the bridge, an apathetic Police force let them and the Government promised them a billion dollar bike bridge.

The smelly underclass lumpenproletariat want to do it and the Police are issuing press releases promising violence.

This constant double standard is causing more extreme politicisation, not cauterising it.


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