GUEST BLONG: Mike Lee – Housing Intensification & Trains

I am letting you know I will be busy speaking at two public meetings on Sunday afternoon, 31 July this weekend. I would welcome your support.
Housing Intensification 
The government and council’s plan to effectively destroy a significant portion of Auckland’s remaining built heritage is an issue of the greatest concern for the people of Waitematā & Gulf ward.
A public meeting has been called at 3 pm at St Mathew’s in the city (corner Hobson & Wellesley Streets)  to discuss the National Policy Statement on Urban Development and how to defend our iconic ‘special character’ townscapes.
MPs from all the major parties will be present to answer questions. The meeting is being organised by the ‘Save our Suburbs Alliance’ and backed by ratepayers associations and the Character Coalition.
Please come along if you can o one of these meetings, especially the Housing Intensification meeting, the issues which are most pressing for people of this ward.
Bring Back Onehunga to Britomart Trains
I will attend a public meeting at 1.30 pm in the Onehunga Community Centre, 83 Church Street, Onehunga. This has been organised  by PTUA (Public Transport Users Association), Campaign for Better Transport, & NZ Transport 2050
In response to Auckland Transport’s termination of Onehunga services at Newmarket without any prior consultation.
The Queen Street to Queen Street service enabled by the recommissioning of the Onehunga Branch Line in 2010 has proven to be very popular, not just with Onehunga commuters but also with inner-city residents who like to get out and visit places like  Onehunga Dress Smart. AT’s reasons for permanent retrenchment of this service, completion of the tunnels under Britomart, are, on the face of it, quite unconvincing. The meeting intends to hold AT to account and call for the immediate restoration of services.
Mike Lee is our Comrade running in the Auckland Local Elections.

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