GUEST BLOG: Pat O’Dea – The Second Crimean War & the return of Russian Imperialism

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The above headline tells you all you need to know about Russia’s war of choice in Ukraine.

As the aggressors, the Russians could call off their assault on Mariupol at any time.

The capture of Mariupol will link Russia to their military base on the Crimean Peninsula.

Russia’s invasion has nothing to do with denazifying Ukraine, or any other lame excuse. The War in Ukraine is all about Putin’s grab for strategic military advantage in the Black Sea.

Russia is within in reach of achieving their strategic goal of linking the Crimea to Russia.

Cut off and surrounded, without food and water and electricity, with their city mostly destroyed by Russian rockets and artillery, it does not look likely that the Ukrainian defenders can hold out much longer.

The First Crimean War

From Wikipedia

The Crimean War[e] was a military conflict fought from October 1853 to February 1856[4] in which Russia lost to an alliance of France.  the Ottoman Empire, the United Kingdom and Piedmont-Sardinia……

…..causes involved the decline of the Ottoman Empire, the expansion of the Russian Empire in the preceding Russo-Turkish Wars, and the British and French preference to preserve the Ottoman Empire to maintain the balance of power in the Concert of Europe…..

….. led to a war that stood out for its “notoriously incompetent international butchery”[6].

Will the capture of Mariupol mean the completion of Russian imperialism’s goals in this war?

The continuing rocket attacks on Kiev and Kharkiv indicate not.

The next logical military goal for Russia in their continuation of the war, is the port city of Odessa. Control of Odessa, alongside control of Muriupol, will give Russia strategic control of the whole of the North Coast of the Black Sea . Russian control of Odessa and Muriupol gives Russian imperialism control of the Black Sea.


Pat O’Dea is a unionist and human rights activist.

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