GUEST BLOG: Pat O’Dea – Stand Up! Fight Back!

To Pat O’Dea as well: If you want to fight, go and fight, but do not try to force the rest of us to join in the carnage, whether passively or actively. No good will come of it. Geoff Fischer


No good will come of appeasing the Russian invader.
The only one forcing us to join in the carnage is the Russian Federation.
If the Russian leadership don’t get their way in Ukraine they have threatened the use of nuclear weapons.
Russian military leaders have their sights set on Moldova and possibly even further afield.
If Russia is not turned back from its invasion of Ukraine World War III is inevitable.
The world knows from bitter experience the cost of appeasing an aggressive invader. If the Russian Federation is not driven back to its legally recognised international borders, the conflict in Ukraine will become global. I repeat, it is the actions of the Russian Federation aggressor that is drawing us into this carnage.
Whether we like it or not, if the Russian aggressor is not stopped, we will, all be drawn into this carnage.
The carnage Geoff speaks of, the thousands murdered by Russian missile and artillery strikes across Ukraine, lies squarely at the feet of the Russian invaders.
If NATO had invaded the Russian Federation, I would be just as opposed to that. And would fully support Russia’s right to defend themselves and throw the invader out, and ask for the support of others to do so.
Geoff Fischer says that I want to fight, But it is Geoff who supports this brutal invasion and war. The people of Ukraine, just as the people of Vietnam and Palestine have, have the right to defend themselves, they also have the right to ask for the assistance of others to do so.
Geoff Fischer says that I should go to Ukraine to fight. I am 63 years old with no military training or experience, I don’t speak Ukrainian, or Russian, I would be more of hindrance than a help. But, just for arguments sake, If New Zealand was on the border of Russia and was brutally invaded, Yes, even at 63 and with no military training or experience, I would take up arms to defend my country. Wouldn’t you?


Pat O’Dea is a trade unionist and human rights activist.

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