GUEST BLOG: Pat O’Dea –’Operation Mobilise’

A bayonet is a weapon with a worker at each end.

In the 20th Century the world went through two major paroxysms of imperialist violence.

The capitalist powers of the world are again preparing to throw millions of ordinary men and women at each others throats.

As I have written before, imperialism is capitalist competition writ large on the world stage.

The capitalist powers of the world are again mobilising their armies to fight world war III for capitalist redivision of the globe.

The Head of the British Army, General Sir Patrick Sanders has delivered an address on the global situation.

The comments below General Patrick Sanders’ speech are worth reading, every single commenter is clear on what General Sanders speech means, The world’s powers are taking us toward World War III

We must stop them!

British Army Chief warns UK and allies facing ‘1937 moment’

@ 0:18 minutes; “I believe we are living through a period of history as profound as the one our forebears did 80 years ago…. ….This is our 1937 moment.” General Patrick Sanders

@ 2:10 minutes; “This is not the rush to war at the speed of the railway timetables of 1914…. …..This process, we will give it a name, “Operation Mobiise” General Patrick Sanders

@ 5:42 minutes; “In meeting a revanchist Russia we cannot be guilty of myopically chasing the ball. Defence [sic] cannot ignore the exponential rise and chronic challenge of China not just in the South China Sea, but in sub-threshold activities across the globe.” General Patrick Sanders

It is obvious to any thinking person who follows global events that the capitalist powers are mobilising for confrontation and war. It is up to us, the people of the world on both side of the lines, to mobilise to stop them.

We need our own ‘Operation Mobilise’ for peace.

To able to build a powerful united peace movement we need to be united.

We can not build a powerful peace movement if we choose to side with one imperialist power against the other.

Think Global, Act Local.

A peace movement in this country cannot become the powerful organisation it needs to be unless it is joined by both the Ukrainian and Russian expat communities in this country.

The biggest obstacle to uniting the two communities is the Russian Federation ambassador in Wellington, Georgii Zuev. Georgii Zuev is guilty of encouraging a campaign to intimidate to silence the anti-war Russian expat. community as well as demonise the Ukraine community.

The first move of a united peace movement must be to get Georgii Zuev sent back to the Kremlin, Removing this silovki thug from this country will be to give Russian expats the freedom to take a leading role in the united peace movement alongside their Ukrainian and Kiwi brothers and sisters.

Pat O’Dea is a trade unionist and human rights activist.


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