GUEST BLOG: Pat O’Dea – Infinite growth is cancer

This week the East Asia Summit held this year in Cambodia, was attended by representatives of America, Russia and China – US Secretary of State Antony Blinken, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and China Foreign Minister Wang Yi.

Reporting on the East Asia Summit, ​​​​​​​RT the Russian official media outlet of the Russian Federation, quoted Sergei Lavrov on the world situation.

S.L.“Our American colleagues demonstrate permissiveness” for themselves in international affairs “every time they try to assert their dominance”

S.L.“The Americans have taken up a course of suppressing any independence,”

S.L.“understand the futility of a policy according to which you can just turn a blind eye to one situation, one crisis created by the US, and expect that everything will be more or less OK there,” 

S.L.“They decided to turn Ukraine into a menace for Russia and for many years ignored the racist policies of the Kiev regime, which has been destroying everything Russian… they violated the principles of indivisible security, which they signed up for at the highest level and which they simply trampled upon,”

S.L.“Similarly, in the case of [US House speaker] Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan, they [the Americans] ignored their own principles, which they proclaimed publicly,”

Echoing Lavrov’s comments on Taiwan, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi following comments were also quoted by RT

W.Y, “a serious violation of the One China policy”

W.Y. “vulgar comedy,”

W.Y. “serious consequences”

Referring to China’s military exercises in reaction to Pelosi’s visit.

Antony Blinken response to Lavrov and Yi’s comments was also quoted.

A.B. “There is no possible justification”

A.B. “cease these actions.”

Hitler did not invade Poland out of concern for the persecution of Poland’s German speaking minority.

Putin did not invade Ukraine out of concern for the persecution of Ukraine’s Russian speaking minority.

World War One was not fought because an Arch Duke was assassinated in Kosovo.

World War Three will not be fought because an old lady visited Taiwan.

The underlying cause of global conflict and world war is the same as the underlying cause of pollution and climate change. Infinite economic growth on a finite planet, is running up against the natural and man made borders of the planet.

Nazi propagandists accused Poland of persecuting ethnic Germans living in Poland. They also falsely claimed that Poland was planning, with its allies Great Britain and France, to encircle and dismember Germany…

The Russian leader said his forces invaded Ukraine because a genocide was underway against Russian-speakers. People in Ukraine say that claim is a hoax

Pat O’Dea is a trade unionist and human rights activist.

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