GUEST BLOG: Hone Harawira – Hikoi go home

Statement from Hone Harawira in relation to the proposed S.H.O.T. Hikoi due to march to Waitangi.
This Hikoi is a scam, organised and run by Pakeha Anti-Vaxxers.
There is no invitation from Waitangi Marae, no invitation from the Waitangi Treaty Grounds, no invitation from Ngati Kawa or Ngati Rahiri, and no invitation from Ngāpuhi.
With the Covid outbreak in Northland, there is no invitation extended to unvaccinated outsiders to come to the Tai Tokerau.
If you wish to honour Te Wakaputanga, hikoi to where YOUR tupuna signed it.
If you want to criticise the governments vaccination program, march to Wellington.
Nga mihi,
Hone Harawira
Tai Tokerau Border Control

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