GROAN – In defence of Sam bloody Uffindell

National Party leadership learned of Tauranga MP Sam Uffindell’s dormitory attack yesterday – Nicola Willis

The National Party leader Chris Luxon and his deputy Nicola Willis only learned of Sam Uffindell’s school teenage dormitory assault yesterday afternoon, it has been revealed.

Willis told RNZ said she found out about the incident just after lunchtime and she believed that Luxon also found out then.

She said while Uffindell had disclosed the incident to the pre-selection panel, made up of local and national party representatives, and they had made the decision about not precluding him from standing for Parliament.

“That’s a party matter. That’s their judgement. Where I stand on this today is that I have advised Sam that what he should do now is be completely upfront with New Zealanders about this because ultimately it is the people of New Zealand and the people of Tauranga who will be the judges of us.”

Oh for the love of Christ, are we really doing this?

Comrades I have difficulty not rolling my eyes when the woke want to destroy someone for a 10 year old tweet, I can’t believe we are wasting time on crucifying a new MP for something he did when he was 16.

Look, I can’t stand National MPs at the best of times, and it pains me to defend one, but the mistakes a child makes can’t be held over them forever.

That is not to diminish the violence he meted out at a private school hazing. I’ve met guys who suffered this kind of ritualistic humiliation and the pain they carry as men stays as a shadow on them, I despise that shit, but again, this is the action of a 16 year old dickhead privileged boy and he paid that price.

Uffindell has gone on to make a contribution to his community, to his society and to his Whānau, attempting to hold this act up for political purposes is cheap and lazy.

He is not like the cavalcade of other political circus freaks that National have had because Uffindell’s sin was committed as a child, where as Michelle Boag, Hamish Walker, Roger Bridge, Andrew Fallon, Todd Barclay and Jake Bezzant’s sins were all very recent and of the moment.

Of course this revelation of private school hazing has spawned a feeding frenzy of ‘As-a-survivor-of-bullying’ level selective outrage olympics on Twitter which just comes cross like a shrill puritan Christian public stoning session. I get that we on the Left are having some polling lows right now, but hanging someone for a childhood crime and praying that virtue signalling makes us more electable is a giant mistake.

He fucked up, he paid his price, it would be churlish to hold it against him.

The attempt to whip up focus on him not revealing it is equally desperate.

The Bank of England expects the UK economy to tank after inflation peaks at 13% in the fourth quarter this year and remain elevated throughout 2023 despite the economy already entering a recession in the fourth quarter this year as well.

This is before the impact of Russia cutting gas and the impacts that will cause Europe and Italian Banks spreads as inflation ruptures throughout the Eurozone.

Bank of America is predicting a deep American recession this year and the mega droughts caused by catastrophic climate change are impacting food growing nations.

China is facing economic carnage from their zero covid plan while a looming property market collapse could cause untold damage inside the Chinese economy.

Poverty, crime and economic pain is running rampant domestically.

That our attention is being taken up by a new MP and something he did when he was 16 is beneath the challenges we face.

Can we get back to the issues that matter FFS!

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