Government Should Just Give People Liveable Incomes And Universal Services – Auckland Action Against Poverty

The government’s announcement yesterday to help alleviate the burden of the cost of living crisis with a 25c reduction in fuel tax and halving public transport costs for the next 3 months isn’t going to help relieve the stresses of people in low income households.

“This government could be a government for the people by ensuring they provide support for all doing it tough on the frontlines of poverty. They could have announced a plan to make public transport free for all with a wider strategy for rural communities and our disabled whanau to ensure that it’s quality and accessible, alongside lifting benefits to liveable incomes. Giving money to people and families directly would help alleviate some of the stresses many of our people are struggling through right now with the cost of living and housing crisis” says Coordinator for Auckland Action Against Poverty Brooke Pao Stanley.

We have the capacity and support to do this – many New Zealanders want to see benefits lifted and the societal flow on effects would be transformational. Poverty sits at the intersection of many of our problems – if we adopt the team of 5 million energy to address this we would make sure those of us who need the love and care required to be well have it, as well as save so much of our costs in our health, education and criminal justice system. A free for all public transport system which encompasses a quality service in rural areas and is universal in design ensures that everyone can access it can also be a stepping stone to other Universal Services. We should be looking after all of us, not just some of us.

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