Goodfellow steps down – will John Key step up?

National Party President Peter Goodfellow has stepped down. The replacement will be elected at the next National Party Conference.

The stage is now set for John Key to return to politics and re-enter as the President of National.

Key supporters could argue that the only way to minimise the threat of ACT taking over and ruining the rigged game of capitalism that is NZ (I love how the Gib board monopoly was established under Key’s Government and Labour are getting balmier for it now), is an outright National Party MMP majority.

Christopher Luxon as Leader with John Key as President would be a direct play for the NZ centre.

The problem I think for this strategy is that these aren’t normal times and that by the election the economic recession will be so steep that polarisation of the political spectrum will see ACT still high enough to force National to need them to form a Government.

Luxon & Key would play for a centre that won’t exist.

If this was the plan, we will know shortly if Key is in play.


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