Gareth Hughes becomes Chair of SAFE’s Board of Directors

Former Green Party MP Gareth Hughes was voted in as Chair of SAFE’s Board of Directors following the charity’s AGM last week.
“SAFE has been a strong voice for animals and our recent legal victory over sow crates shows we are delivering for them,” said Hughes.
“Some of the biggest ethical, environmental and economic questions facing New Zealand in the short and long term come from our relationship with animals.”
“Farming interests have held sway over successive Governments and SAFE will continue to be an effective, principled and professional counter-voice for the animals.”
“SAFE will continue to campaign to end cruel practises like live export of animals and chicken colony cages and is calling for an independent Parliamentary Commissioner for Animals to help address current animal welfare shortcomings.”
Hughes was a member of Parliament for 10 years before retiring at the 2020 General Election. During his time in politics, he championed the 2014 ban on shark finning and accepted numerous petitions from animal advocacy groups.

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