From Ukraine to Parliament’s Lawns – Vengeful Kiwis want to smash ’em bro!

NZ has surplus armoured vehicles; Ukraine needs them. Why won’t we send them?

This week Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern denounced Russia over the atrocities discovered in Bucha, and promised more support for Ukraine.

That support included a second round of sanctions, looking at importation controls, and getting “our people supporting some of the efforts”.

That comes on top of our earlier donation of surplus military equipment; a total of 1066 body armour plates, 473 helmets and 571 camouflage vests. All very nice-sounding, but compared to what many other countries are doing, pitifully small, even mean.

The weird cry for NZDF to send weapons to Ukraine to kill evil Russians is strangely similar to the middle class Marxists screaming for police to bash the smelly lumpenproletariat nazis off Parliament’s lawns and is now extending to a new SIS Stasi to dob in enemies of the State who say mean things about you on line.

When did we go from peace loving kiwis to righteous violence?

Where is our ‘enemy to none, friend to all’ headspace?

It seems that ever since the Wellington Middle Class Marxists got spooked by the Dumb Lives Matter protest, any perception of threat is now met with a Trevor Mallard level over reaction.

Currently Stuff is calling anyone bad mouthing women online is a sure sign of a domestic terrorist.

This sudden rush of blood to the head is directing demands for us to give Ukrainians lethal military aid which when you consider the dangers of escalation with a dangerously bogged down and nuclear armed Putin is the antithesis of what we should be doing.

It’s like our feelings now rule social policy debate and drive actual policy implementation!

We feel angry and frightened by the Dumb Lives Matter protestors so send in the Army and riot police.

We feel angry and frightened by the images we see on TV, so send lethal military aid.

We feel angry and frightened by people saying mean things anonymously online so build me an SIS Stasi and designate anyone who posts mean things about me online as an enemy of the state.

We live at a time where logic, rational debate and facts are all heteronormative cis male privileges used to enslave women and POC so feelings are the new currency.

This is what we is now. A pumped up self righteous git spoiling for a fight at the end of the night.

How gauche. How 1970s of us.

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