From Russia With Love

June 22 marked the day when in 1941 the Nazis invaded Soviet Russia in a military campaign which, having failed to secure Russia’s oil fields and  with that its ability to destroy Russia before the onset of the ferocious Russian winter, led to Germany’s defeat.

And it’s the lack of of that very same oil and an impending European winter that is now foiling the US, via its proxy army, the Nato alliance, in this its latest attempt to conquer Russia.

Europe, having supported the US proxy war with Russia, now realises it is unable to function economically without Russi’s gas and oil to fuel its industrial machine and is also unable to feed its people without supplies of Russian grain, and so it finds itself in the same shoes as the Nazis eighty one years ago.

That such an outcome was inevitable, despite the Western media’s incessant gung-ho propaganda, was signalled by no less a personage than Henry Kissinger, a man with more blood on his hands than Atilla the Hun, in an address he gave recently to the gathering at Davos, calling for the war to be ended before its consequences do any more harm to Europe and the US. 

That call has been echoed by France’s President Macron and other European politicians suggesting Ukraine should sue for a peace deal with Russia.  And now the previously bellicose tone of the mainstream media is also changing, among them the Guardian which has suggested; The perverse effects of sanctions means rising fuel and food costs for the rest of the world and that sooner or later, a deal must be made.” 

And now it’s reported that Turkey “… in a bid to avert a global food crisis,” is to host Russian, Ukrainian and United Nations officials for talks aimed at resuming the export of millions of tons of grain currently blockaded in Russian ports, by mines laid in the Black Sea.

As these talks gain momentum, the Western media will be doing all it can to paint any deal as one struck to hide Russia’s  “military humiliation” at the hands of “the plucky Ukrainians,” when in fact it is Ukraine, its forces destroyed or otherwise rendered impotent by Russia, that faces that sad prospect and its aftermath. 

“The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary,” so said American journalist, essayist, satirist, cultural critic, and scholar H. L. Mencken.

And it’s to serve that end that our media has erected an impenetrable No-Fly Zone over the grotesque mass of shameless, sickening, infantile bullshit that constitutes the “news” we are fed about anything in which the US has an interest.  This is the width and breadth of an article by American writer and film maker, Paul Edwards, in a recent Information Clearing House collection of political essays. 

“This information No-Fly Zone,” writes Edwards, “is now being tested by what the US calls the “war” in Ukraine, and its efficacy is proved by the “news” on all mainstream media.  No independent thought, no factual information, no honest relation of events, and above all, no unbiased, sound analysis of the actual motivation of this “war” is allowed or even admitted to exist.  The US Empire’s fairy stories, absurd and poisonous, are the only stories that we, rendered appallingly stupid or, at least, childishly gullible and amoral—are fed and, predictably, we have wholeheartedly swallowed them.”

Professor Noam Chomsky says; “Americans are not allowed to know what the Russians are saying. Except, selected things….. but if the Russians make an offer for a negotiation, you can’t find it. That’s suppressed. You’re not allowed to know what they are saying. I have never seen a level of censorship like this.”

“How blatantly fatuous and dishonest does propaganda have to get before those not already brain-dead, awake from their coma and realize that they themselves are the true, pathetic victims of the most vicious economic system in the history of the world?” asks Edwards.

“With the monstrous weapons man already has, humanity is
in danger of being trapped in this world by its moral
adolescents.” – Omar N. Bradley – former Chief of Staff of the United States Army.

And as if to further insult our intelligence, the US, this unashamed brigand of a nation, having sacked more countries, destroyed more lives, and enslaved more people than any in the history of the world, this week cynically sort to signal its “humanity” by repealing laws allowing its citizens access to abortion services. 

And all the while, our government, with its achievements looking negligible, social infrastructure collapsing and both a recession and an election looming, has been falling over itself to demonstrate allegiance to gross US hypocrisy – because the US still calls the shots. And, low and behold, we’ve just been rewarded with a trade deal. 


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