For Christ’s sake NZ Police??? Why are you giving Slater a cross & why there must be an investigation!

You have no idea how much it pains me to write anything in support of Cameron fucking Slater, but the revelation yesterday that he is under Police surveillance for ‘anti-Government’ views is such a cluster fuck of stupid it gives me a brain aneurysm!

Look, Slater is a radioactive shit head who has done more to damage the body politic than almost anyone else in the game, he is a toxic sociopathic sadist who destroys all he touches and his list of dirty politics crimes are too long to list.

But let’s try…

Police illegally search Nick Hager and illegally take evidence: The cops illegally searched Hager’s house while deceiving the Judge when signing the warrant. What they did was a crime against journalism and the fourth estate. How dare National get the Police to investigate him for exposing their crimes!!!!

SIS illegally spied on Nicky Hager: The SIS also illegally spied on Hager. Just think about that, what the fuck was the SIS doing getting involved in a book that humiliates the Government???

Slater & Co humiliate and attack Matthew Blomfield : This is truly grim. Slater’s paid humiliation campaign leads to a death threat and attack on Blomfield in his house in front of his children. Blomfield had the last laugh when he took all of Whaleoil blog and shut it down as part of his defamation settlement.

Police breach my civil rights, destroy my credit rating: That’s right, the Police decided I was Rawshark and spied on me illegally and then when caught out, the Police tried to hold the entire case in a secret trial that I wasn’t allowed to hear the evidence from!

Allegation of Rodney Hide being blackmailed by Jordon Williams with sex texts – barely investigated.

Hacking Labour’s computer and downloading the entire database – barely investigated.

The role of John Key’s office in dealing with Slater –  no NZ news media have managed to find Jason Ede.

Rigging candidate selections so Mark Mitchell wins – barely investigated.

Corporate hate merchants paying Slater for hate campaigns against public good organisations – barely investigated.

The relationship between Slater and most mainstream media outlets – NEVER investigated as this makes the mainstream media look terrible.

Slater’s role in helping attack the SFO because Judith was angry at them investigated, but whitewashed.

…want more? Lets have more…

…so in short, I despise Slater!


Regardless of his scumbag fuckwittery, the Police have no right to put him under surveillance because of ‘anti Government views’!

I HAVE ANTI GOVERNMENT VIEWS! I think this Government are doing a shit job of lifting 200000 kids out of poverty and are doing an even worse job housing the 24000 on emergency housing wait lists and are entrenching home ownership for the rich!

I think they are cowards on climate change and have not lived up to transformative promises.

Does that mean I’m under police surveillance?

I don’t want to make Slater a martyr here, he’s good enough doing that on his own, and we’ve known for decades the Police spy on Maori, Environmentalists, Unionists, John Minto, Nicky Hager, hell the pricks came after me too, so all Slater is getting is the same shitty treatment we on the Left have had to put up with for decades but to be under surveillance for simply holding anti Government views is Orwellian and alarming because if the Police have determined Slater should be under surveillance for anti Government views, what the fuck do you think they’ll do to us on the Left when National are in power?

Do we really want those precedents set?

The irony of all of this is that there now must be an inquiry – NOT into how the Police arrived at this stupid decision, but into how the fuck this was leaked out of the Intelligence Unit and given to Slater with such precision he knew how to word the OIA request!

This Unit deals with the highest levels of secret domestic intelligence – how the fuck was this leaked to Slater? This unit would also be doing surveillance on organized crime, if Slater can get info, those same leakers could be open to bribery to organized crime!

The leak inside the Unit must be found or the integrity of the unit is compromised.

The clown fucking cops are building Slater’s cross for him for his martyrdom.

What the bloody hell were they thinking?

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