FinsRoyal: The Best Place to Enjoy Swap-Free Trading

If you belong to the Islamic religion, you will obviously have a certain respect for the Sharia law and you will try to abide by the law. However, Sharia law forbids receiving or paying any interest in the trading. This is because Islamic law considers that interest payment favors the lender. Therefore, to protect the borrowers, Sharia law will not allow you to trade with interest. But normal trading is different. Therefore, if you are a Muslim trader, you will try to find an option through which you can trade and at the same time, you can maintain the Sharia law. 

In order to help the traders of the Islamic faith to follow the Sharia law, FinsRoyal provides an opportunity to open an Islamic account. This outstanding brokerage company respects your religious beliefs and offers the best solution to ensure your successful trading career.

Open an Islamic account at FinsRoyal:

At FinsRoyal, Muslim traders will have the option to open a dedicated Islamic trading account. This trading account will not enforce any interest fees on your trading. The Islamic account or swap-free account of this organization is for those clients who can not earn or pay the interest due to their religious beliefs. You can have the swap-free option for all the account types such as Exclusive, VIP, Expert, Trader, and Beginner. You will also be able to enjoy the access to world-renowned WebTrader platform of this organization.


The Advantages with FinsRoyal:

There are several advantages for opening an Islamic account at this financial organization, such as-

  • You can enjoy swap-free or interest-free trading.
  • You will have professional customer support from this brokerage company.
  • This organization offers rapid order execution speed.
  • Above all, you can trade directly on charts and trading signals.

The Trading Environment at FinsRoyal:

FinsRoyal always focuses to provide all its clients with the best trading conditions. You will have a fast execution speed and a state-of-the-art trading infrastructure with the Islamic accounts of this organization. This financial agency also does everything to provide you with a competitive edge.

In order to open an Islamic account, you have to simply open an account with this organization. Then, you have to send an email to the support team of the organization requesting the upgrade to an Islamic account. FinsRoyal will quickly and efficiently solve your issue.

Account Verification: 

In order to ensure the safety and security of your and other clients’ funds, FinsRoyal verifies your documents at the beginning. This financial organization will verify your identity by following the international KYC policy. Therefore, you have to provide identity documents such as a passport, temporary residential permit, and driving license. You will also have to send a copy of your credit card or debit card by covering the CVV code on the back and the first 12 digits on the front. Along with these documents, you have to give a residential proof document such as an electricity bill, utility bill, statement of the bank, or tax return. The document should be within 3 months. Once your identity will be verified, you can enjoy trading and make profits with your Islamic account.