Finally Labour work on the real danger inside 3 Waters & why it will win them votes

As TDB pointed out months ago, the 2 real issues posed by 3 Waters are can it stop foreign companies from bottling NZ water and can it ensure National and ACT don’t privatize the water once it’s nationalized…

Government seeks cross-party promise not to sell-off water assets, as Three Waters opponents organise for battle

The Government has sought cross-party support to safeguard the public’s water assets from privatisation, as opponents to the Three Waters reform organise themselves for battle.

Local Government Minister Nanaia Mahuta wrote to the leaders of each political party on Wednesday, as the Government released its first draft of the Three Waters reform legislation, asking for their support in entrenching in law a prohibition against the privatisation of the public’s drinking, waste, and storm water.

The attempt to gain some cross-party support within the reforms comes as the Government sustains heavy criticism for forging ahead with plans to create four new public water entities, that will assume control of all the water assets currently owned by local councils.

The Government has this week faced claims it quietly decided to mandate the reforms while still consulting with councils. Opponents to the contentious reforms descended on Parliament, for its last sitting day of the year.

…I am in favour of 3 Waters – I absolutely believe water should be nationalized so it can be protected and think Labour should seize the water assets via the Public Works Act.

I don’t see co-governance with Maori as a threat, I see it as another check and balance.

The only real question to 3 Waters is will National and ACT privatize water the millisecond they ever win power?

Based on ACTs far right agenda, you would have to say yes and based on Key selling 49% of our hydro power assets to create a $400million irrigation slush fund for corporate farmers, you would have to say yes as well.

3 Waters will be fought like this:

Labour + Environmentalists + Maori = public protection of water

National + ACT + Corporate Dairy = water privatization

Once Labour lock in this narrative framework, opposition to 3 Waters will dissolve against anti water privatization forces.

3 Waters will not be the great vote loser all the pundits are predicting – properly framed as a fight against water privatization, 3 Waters will propel Labour forward and take back some protest Green vote.

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