Feral NZ Antivaxx convoy protests for the virus

These fucking lunatics claiming their freedoms have been stolen by Hitler Ardern are a redneck paradise of delusion and ignorance…

Protest convoy heading to Wellington

Police are monitoring Covid-19 protest convoys heading towards Wellington from both ends of New Zealand.

A spokesperson said they are not following the convoy, but are watching out for any issues using CCTV and units already on the ground.

All kinds of motor vehicles from trucks to cars and campervans are travelling the length of the country to meet in Wellington in protest against Covid-19 vaccine rules and public health measures.

“We are fighting for New Zealand’s freedom,” read a poster on the Convoy 2022 NZ Facebook page.

…bullshit, you are an ill informed clown with all the insight of a blind cyclops.

The funniest thing has been the infiltration of these feral lunatics by people with a sense of humour...

Not only were social media groups infiltrated, but a Spotify playlist the convoy organisers made for others to add “good tunes to drive to” was taken over by people who opposed the protesters.

“Some people are adding some really disgusting music (don’t think you can call it music). I’m guessing [it’s] people that don’t agree with the convoy because they have nothing better to do,” one person said.

Songs that were added by those opposing the convoy included ‘Redneck Piece of White Trash’ by Rebel Son, ‘Why Don’t You Get A Job’ by The Offspring, and ‘Dumb F**k’ by Peaches.

…these people voted for Billy TK, they believe Trump had the election stolen and they are by attacking the health mandates effectively on the side of the virus. They are attempting the same soft coup Canadian Truckers are invoking in Canada and the stench of American dark money runs throughout this.

What is becoming rapidly apparent with the Qanon lunatic anti Vaxxer fringe movement in NZ is that the same dark money from the American Christian Right is being used to support it.  With America pivoting to the Pacific, are we seeing the same CIA dirty tricks they played in South America in the 70s to destabilize and prop up authoritarian regimes or is this dark money a cultural mutation from Steve Bannon’s America?

There needs to be as much attention on America’s influence in our politics as there is on China’s influence.

The radicalization of the unvaccinated will reach fever pitch as the economic ramifications of being sacked from a job for refusing the vaccine starts to bite deeply and we are seeing that with these lunatics.

‘Kiwis supporting the virus’ is the sort of plague that doesn’t have a cure.

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